Breakaway is held on Saturday afternoons at either The Yews Community Centre (55 Boltro Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 1BJ) or exciting trips out and about such as Donutting down a dry ski slope!

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The young people benefit considerably by having their own club where they can enjoy activities, meet friends, make new friends and experience leisure activities that other young people take for granted but ours can only enjoy in a safe, supervised environment. Our long term aim for the children is to acquire an increase in confidence in a social setting as well as expanding their experience and independence from their parents.

The members enjoy age appropriate activities, many of which also incorporate some life skills, such as cooking, craft work, using electronic equipment, games and trips out in the local community and further afield. There are a selection of videos and photos from BreakAway trips, including a trip to the BBC studios.

Future dates and activities are given below.

BreakAway is funded by WSCC Short Breaks wsccShortBreaks

Upcoming dates for BreakAway

There are no pending events.