PALS stands for Play Activities, Laughter and Support

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PALS is held at the Ashenground Community Centre, Southdown Close, Haywards Heath. It is our Saturday Club and Playscheme for children aged 6 to 12.

The aim of PALS is to organise stimulating, and tailored out of school activities in a caring, happy and safe environment, to meet the needs of our youngsters.

Activities include singing, games, playing with our parachute, small world activities, role-play, magic shows, dancing, playing on scooters and bikes, basketball, football, playing on the Wii, all kinds of craft activities and walks into town. We also have a wide selection of toys and equipment to suit the varied needs of our children. In addition we go on day trips during the half term breaks and holidays, appropriate to our children's needs, ages and abilities. Recently we have been to Legoland, Knockhatch Adventure Park, the seaside, out for lunch, Chessington, Guildford Ice Rink, Sealsey funfair, Thames Valley, Southwater Park and The Bluebell Railway, to name but a few! Future dates and activities are given below.

Upcoming dates for PALS

There are no pending events.