Raising The Bar

Kangaroos are committed to establish a client led programme offering a variety of activities that fulfils individual needs and requirements to lead a rewarding and fulfilling adult life. We currently run a bi-weekly 18+ youth club, and a 25+ social club for our older members. In addition we offer a changing 3 month programme in our No Limits initiative which is tailored to the needs of our adult participants. All members have the opportunity to input and decide the program for the next booking period.

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The Stations Project is a partnership between WorkAid (supported by The Aldingbourne Trust), Kangaroos and the Community Partnership section of Southern Rail. This is now up and running with Kangaroos and Work Aid supporting a group of adults with learning difficulties do the maintenance of the hanging baskets throughout the summer. We are anticipating that this will lead onto further collaborative work and offer a real opportunity for the young adults concerned.

We want to offer an opportunity for our young people to play an active and worthwhile role in their community build friendships and enjoy a full and rewarding life.

KLIC: Kangaroos Linking In your Community

This autism friendly group is an opportunity for adults aged 19+ to establish and utilise links within their local community. We are offering supported activities for those who would like to create friendships and increase confidence in a variety of environments and tasks. See the poster below for an introduction to KLIC.

KLIC Introduction

Sessions will be held on Tuesday afternoons at The Yews Community Centre (55 Boltro Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 1BJ), allowing for theoretical and practical activities with a multiple of resources.

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We understand that some tasks like going shopping, visiting the hairdressers and meeting friends in the community can be hard for some adults with a.s.d or learning difficulties so this group has been created as a helping hand to facilitate the creation and meeting of achievable goals.

All activities will focus on confidence in levels of independence and will consist of training and the development of skills that aid independence including Money Skills, Travel and Safety when Travelling, Basic Food Preparation, Personal Safety, Creating Community links and developing/correct use of tools designed to assist independence.

Upcoming dates for Raising The Bar

There are no pending events.