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21st Aug 2013: Inspirational Bike Ride

Steve Farrage Cycle Ride.jpg

By Samantha Norgate.

2013 is going to be a memorable year for Steve Farrage, father of one of our Kangaroos member's,
with July in particular, a month to remember!

7th July 2013 was the big start to a challenge he thought would never happen. 

As a young teenager he invested all of his paper round money in a new bike and soon a dream was born
of one day completing an epic adventure such as riding from Lands End to John O'Groats!

Time soon passed by and the dream was put to one side while school, college, work and  family
commitments took priority.

In the year 2002 Steve was struck with an illness that put him in hospital, unable to walk, his
dream came to an end. It was a crushing blow.

After many years his health slowly recovered.

He never dreamed that he would be fit enough to be cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats with
Holly, his 15 year old daughter!

As with any such adventure it's good to have a purpose, a reason for putting yourself through such a
challenge and his reason was simple.

His Son Leo,  was born with Downs Syndrome and a severe heart defect. 

Leo had always inspired Steve, his family and many people who have come to know him.

The kindness and generosity of so many people who put aside their personal time to support many
children like Leo has left such an impression on Steve's lives, that if there was something he could
do for Kangaroos it was to say thank you.  Not in words, but through sheer hard work and
determination, through spending some of his own time, and through raising money to help this small
but important charity to help so many other children who find themselves in a similar position as
There we have it, a challenge and a purpose.
Steve and Holly's challenge was spread over 14 days offering a range of terrain and distance for
each day which left them needing to cycle between 50 and 85 miles per day. 

Their  first day coincided with the first day of a 14 day heat wave that melted the country under
blue skies and 30 degree temperatures. 

They left Lands End with mixed feelings, very quiet, full of anticipation, and full of fear of what
may lie ahead and that was to be around 935 miles, 1 puncture, 1 tyre failure, one broken GPS (which
we managed to fix a couple of days later), one brake failure (on Holly's bike), lots and lots of
energy sports drinks, even more hills, and one most amazing adventure!
Cycling through the hills of Cornwall, the flats of Glastonbury, over the Second Severn crossing
into Wales, onwards through Hereford and Shrewsbury, the beauty of the Lake District, the mountains
and lochs of Scotland, and finally the incredible coastal road from Inverness to John O'Groats they
completed their journey. 

Many people had been following their progress live online and were able to track their final leg
into John O'Groats. 

Just a few miles from the finish, Steve's  mobile phone started to receive text messages of
encouragement from people cheering us on.  It made for a very emotional finish as the enormity of
what they had just achieved started to sink in.
Steve commented that Holly was more the star than him on this trip. He was totally amazed at the
determination of a 15 year old to take part and complete such an incredible challenge. She wanted to
do this to help her Brother and Kangaroos, as well as to prove to herself that she could  achieve
something if she really put her mind to it. 

She had so many comments from people along the journey and most people said the same thing, how they
wish they were able to do this when they were 15!
We are all very proud of Holly and Steve and extremely grateful for all the hard work and
determination they put in, as well as the amazing amount of money they raised for Kangaroos.
Thank you everyone who supported them and made a donation. 

You can continue to do so by visiting their Just Giving 

page at  

With your help they have raised over £3800 so far to help support the children and activities of

Steve and Holly are very grateful to Peter Hastings and Paul Mittonette who both joined them for
part of the ride and gave their additional support when needed. 
They have been great supporters of their challenge and have played an important part in helping them
to complete the journey and to raise money through donations.

 A full record of their journey can be found on their blog at

25th Jun 2013: GOLD SQP AWARD

GOLD AWARD smll.jpg

By Samantha Norgate.

On 19th June 2013 Sam and Becki attended the WSCVYS (West Sussex Council for Voluntary Youth
Services) A.G.M where Sam was presented with the Gold SQP Award
Simple Quality Protects (SQP) is a quality assurance self-assessment programme for voluntary and
community organisations working with children and young people.
Jenni Herrett along with Sam Norgate attended the first SQP workshop at Horsham Youth Centre on 25th
July 2012.
Although we acknowledged that we had many of the standards set in place, we agreed that there was a
need for more structure, organisation and communication within our organisation and that SQP would
be the ideal platform to help us achieve this.
We gained our Bronze level in November 2012, the foundation stage of SQP, ensuring that minimum
standards were in place. This is where the core of work lay and then the next stage, Silver helped
us to develop and improve on certain areas, which we achieved in February 2013.
We were proud to achieve our Gold status this month 
SQP has definitely had a positive impact on our organisation and with the support of Daniel Cheesman
and the rest of the team from WSCVYS; it has helped us enormously with our transition from a
registered charity to a new charitable company, helping us to identify our strengths and weaknesses
as well as assisting us in continuing to improve and reinforce our standards and good practice.

11th Jun 2013: Volunteer Celebration Evening

Group photo1.JPG

By Daniel Mays.

Kangaroos celebrated last week’s national Volunteers Week on Thursday 6th June, at The Martlets
Hall, Burgess Hill, enabling trustees, staff, children and young people to say a big thank you to
all the young people that volunteer for the Kangaroos Charity.

The evening opened with a welcome speech from John Bines on behalf of the trustees to thank the
volunteers for all their hard work and commitment. Miriam Owen and Jane Lacey (Trustees) also
attended the evening along with many other staff to show their support. 

Becki Tucknott (Youth Development Officer and Delivery Manager for No Limits) and Lorna Herrett
(Activities Officer and Co-Ordinator for Volunteers) then talked about the opportunities Kangaroos
has to offer their volunteers and what the volunteers can offer Kangaroos.  They outlined upcoming
and available volunteer training and the plans for the summer holidays which is said to be “our
busiest holiday club to date”. 

After this, it was time to look back into the past at some old photos of past volunteers that have
grown up within Kangaroos. With many red faces and lots of pointing and laughing by staff, it was
time to say a big thank you, and what better way to say it, then it coming from the children and the
young people themselves. This was done by a short film showing lots of photographs of the children
and young people holding ‘Thank You’ signs which they had made themselves.  Finally it was time for
Amy Watson (Delivery Manager for PALS) and Dawn Gittins (Delivery Manager for BreakAway) to hand out
the awards, which were as follows

Jake Grayson – Best Male Volunteer	
Jade Wallace-Hargrove – Best Female Volunteer
Arran Pack – Best Male Newcomer
Robyn Lacey – Best Female Newcomer
Jonathan Hall – Most Hours Male
Emily Day – Most Hours Female
Maddi Longhurst – Longest Serving Volunteer (3 Years) 
Lottie Arnold – Most Adaptable Volunteer
Andrew Lineham – Most Hours In The Shortest Time
Hannah Wells – Volunteer Who Has Shown The Most Initiative

It was clear from the evening that Kangaroos wouldn’t be possible without all the volunteers, we
currently have 60 volunteers who over the last 12 months have provided nearly 10,000 hours of their
time to our members with over 6,500 hours spent at PALS. Without our volunteers we would not be able
to support as many children and young people as we do and we would not be able to take them on the
range of activities and trips that we do.

So please be proud of what you do, you are making a real difference to the lives of our children and
young people and their families – we couldn’t do it without you!
Report by Dan Mays – Volunteer Representative

14th May 2013: Kangaroos Tri-Challenge 2013

walk end.jpg

By Samantha Norgate.

After 3 months of 3 physical challenges, I’m quite proud that I took part and completed all three,
in our Kangaroos Tri-Challenge fundraiser, helping to raise over £1,000 for our Kangaroos charity.

Friday 29th March, 2013 – Challenge 1 – SWIMARATHON
 The first of our three challenges began with a splash On Good Friday, when I took part in the Lions
Club Swimarathon at The Dolphin Leisure Centre, as part of 3 teams representing Kangaroos, including
staff, volunteers, friends, Kangaroos young people and parents. All the swimmers pushed themselves
really hard and managed to swim over 200 lengths altogether!

Sunday 21st April, 2013 – Challenge 2 – 22 MILE CYCLE RIDE
 The 2nd challenge was the Greater Haywards Heath Bike Ride, taking in some beautiful Sussex
countryside, including Turners Hill and Balcombe, on a sunny spring morning. Two of us completed the
full 22 miles, (steep hills included!) the furthest distance I have ever cycled. What at first
started off as a bid to just finish the 22 miles at a steady pace, became a contest to overtake as
many cyclists as possible and finish in the quickest time as we could! We succeeded in cycling the
22 mile route in just over 2 hours and I loved every minute of it! The good weather definitely

Saturday 11th May, 2013 – Challenge 3 – 20K WALK
Possibly the most arduous of the 3 events, was the final one, due to the unforgiving hills, and the
weather conditions towards the end!
The Just Walk event commenced from the glorious Goodwood racecourse and all five of the Kangaroos
office staff took part in the 20k walk around the South Downs.
We set off in high spirits with the sun shining!  After a long ascent to the top of The South Downs,
we were rewarded with not only a picnic lunch and drinks supplied by the event organisers, but some
stunning scenery!
The walk was really enjoyable, however, the last leg, was the toughest, with a really steep climb up
an uneven track, and  after being blessed with sunny skies nearly the whole way round, the heavens
opened close to the end and we were all thoroughly drenched
We all pushed ourselves and focused on the finishing post!
The aching limbs and the chill that I caught from getting a soaking were worth it, knowing that we
had walked for such a good cause.

Im so pleased that I had the opportunity to take part in all of the challenges. 
It enabled me to enjoy some great experiences, in good company, as well as being able to appreciate
the beautiful countryside that surrounds us.
The challenges involved working together as a team and supporting each other.
It encouraged me to get fitter and adopt a healthier lifestyle (and get back on my bike again) 
But ultimately all three challenges made me realise that if you are willing to push yourself,
anything is achievable.  

The Kangaroos youngsters that swam in the Swimarathon proved this, pushing boundaries that I didn’t
think were possible and they should be an inspiration to us all. 
Partaking in the Tri-Challenge has given me the motivation to do some more similar events again

18th Apr 2013: Champions


By Lorna Herrett.

As part of the Champions, Kangaroos has been offering a 6 week trampolining course at Funabounds in
Uckfield.  The course has been very popular, which we anticipated it would be, as many of our other
groups enjoy visiting Funabounds for the day.  The young people have had the chance to show the
instructors and the other young people what they already know, as well as learn new moves and
routines.  Many of the young people have bravely started to learn how to do front drops, a move that
they have become a lot more confident in. When they are not learning new moves, everyone enjoys
jumping into the foam pit, being bounced on the giant ball and wrapped up like a sandwich in the
mats and bounced!  All the young people have reported to us that they have fun doing this course and
enjoyed learning new things, with one young person stating it is awesome and the ‘best he has ever
done!’  We would like to congratulate all our young people on achieving their first badge, which
they will receive soon.

12th Mar 2013: New Activities Officer


By Lorna Herrett.

Hello, my name is Lorna Herrett and I am the new Activities Officer. Some of you may recognise me, as I have been involved with Kangaroos for many years. I became a volunteer when I was 14 and straight away became hooked, and now have been working at Kangaroos for nearly 10 years. However, my involvement with Kangaroos goes back even further. My mum, Jenni, was one of the original parents who set up Kangaroos nearly 20 years ago and my sister Emily, who has Angelman’s Syndrome, attended the initial Saturday club and playschemes. Even when I was four I was jealous of the fun activities Emily was experiencing and would wear my own bright yellow kangaroos t-shirt with pride. I knew Kangaroos was something I wanted to be involved with, although the yellow shirts would have to go!

I have enjoyed watching Kangaroos evolve as a charity, growing with its members, always working hard to meet everyone’s needs. It fills me with pride knowing I played a small part in this. During my time at Kangaroos I have worked on a range of projects including BreakAway, Pals, No Limits, TeenScene, Allsports, Champions, Challenge and the Holiday Club, most of which I will continue to work on. Being involved with these wide range of projects has given me the privilege of getting to know the children and young people who attend Kangaroos. Having this knowledge, I believe, puts me in a great position to plan and organise activities and trips for everyone to enjoy.

My main roles will be organising 6 week leisure, arts or sports courses for Champions, as well as the activities and trips for the Holiday Club. Hopefully I will also be keeping the Kangaroos blog updated with reports of exciting events and trips Kangaroos have been on, so watch this space! I have created the Kangaroos videos which are shown at events, and I will be updating these regularly and showing them to you, together with photos from the groups, on the website. I am also going to be updating the forum regularly, so keep an eye out for topics I will be putting up and feel free to add your own.

If you would like to write a blog for kangaroos or have any other enquires please get in touch. Email me at

22nd Jun 2012: Champions

P1020330 small.jpg

By Adam Orchard.

Thursday evening (21/06/2012) saw the second of the CHAMPIONS Adventure Activity session at Tilgate
Park.  This week saw double the turnout versus last week take to the water.  This session’s activity
was Row Boating and Canoeing.  
After arriving at Court Meadow to escort the young people onto the minibus – the heavens opened and
we wondered if we’d ever make it home alive that evening!!  Well the staff did anyway – wimps!! The
children on the other hand were ready to take it in their stride and seemed to be excited by the
challenges ahead.
Fortunately for all, upon disembarking the bus at Tilgate the rain stopped and sun made an
increasingly rare appearance for the whole session.  All the young people were excellent to have
with us and most took to their chosen boat or canoe with confidence (one or two took a little more
encouragement)and before long everyone was happy paddling away on the lake – all be it in circles a
lot of the time!!  Note: Staff training need!!!
An element of competition was added by the addition of balls to collect that had been scattered
around the lake, and later a football to use as a “bomb” to splash nearby peers.  Lots of giggles
were had with many a worker being ordered to “row harder” and in a definite direction, rather than
just round and round in circles!  The session ended as to be expected with impromptu “splash
attacks” and a race back to shore following a call of “I need the toilet!”
Back on dry land, clothes were changed, life jackets returned and the bus boarded for the journey
home.  Feedback on board suggested a great time was had by all – I’m sure to be repeated next week
with more of the same! Watch this space!
Should you be interested in finding out more about CHAMPIONS activities coming up, please feel free
to contact Adam Orchard.

14th Jun 2012: New Recruit!

Sam smaller.jpg

By Samantha Norgate.

Hi my name is Sam Norgate and I recently joined Kangaroos, working part-time in the office and
helping with fundraising.
 I am very pleased to be part of this friendly team and I am realising what a diverse and rewarding
role it is and how much hard work goes on behind the scenes to make an organisation like this
function properly.
I have been involved with Kangaroos in the past helping with the hog roast at a couple of summer
parties and became aware then of what a happy bunch the ‘kangaroos’ were and how important a charity
like this is to young people and their families.
 I also have a nephew that attended Court Meadow School, who is an integral part of our family, so I
am well aware of the difficulties and challenges facing families with youngsters with learning
I am looking forward to becoming more involved and getting to know  more members and their
Sam Norgate 

5th Jun 2011: Who said that Kangaroos can't fly?!

By Ellen Tomlinson.

Saturday 28 May and its off up the M1 to Cranfield airfield in Bedfordshire. Today a dozen or so
intrepid children and their carers are going flying - not in a giant airliner, but a four seater

Preparation is everything, so before every flight a thorough briefing is critical: Gautam tells us all what we should and should not do - "Watch out for propellers !!"

After the briefing the rota for the days flying is set and we meet our pilot - gosh he looks like the Dad on "Outnumbered" on TV ! Then its time for the first flight of the day - who's going to sit up front with the pilot ? Aaron is the lucky chap - he doesn't know that he'll have to earn his place !

While they're flying we all look at the other aeroplanes outside the flying club. Lots of different shapes and sizes: high wings, low wings, one, sometimes two engines, high tails etc. After half an hour the plane returns: Aaron tells us that after take off he had to fly the plane !

Soon its our turn to go up - this time Simon is the trainee pilot. Our plane is a Piper Cherokee Arrow built in 1968. We taxi past the hangars out the end of the runway, then turn, and we're off !

After take off Simon takes to the controls, first flying towards Milton Keynes, where we can see the indoor ski centre. Then its across to Bedford, where the 1930s airship hangars are clearly visible. Time to land now and the pilot takes over.

Soon we turn onto our final approach, a smooth landing, and a short taxi back to the flying club. Simon's verdict "I never thought I'd actually fly a plane !", but was "confident and not scared" - which is the point of the exercise.

All too soon the day is over - time for presentation of tee shirts and logbooks, and thanks to Gautam for arranging the day. Then home down the M1, home and the rest of the half term break.

12th Apr 2011: Rin's Marathon


By Rinaldo Colombi.

It was a pleasure to run the Brighton Marathon 2011 on behalf of Kangaroos - the following couple of
days after the race, I had calves tighter than a miser's wallet and some ripe blisters on my toes,
but I reckon it was well worth the pain!

I decided to run for Kangaroos in February. I was in bed with flu and thought that instead of
feeling sorry for myself, I'd do something positive.  For my New Years' resolution I'd planned to
run a few marathons, half-marathons and 10kms, so I thought I'd better get a move on and get
organised. That morning, snivelling and coughing and generally feeling lousy, I got an invitation to
go to a friend's wedding in Brighton. The date happened to be the day before the marathon. I had a
look on the marathon web site and saw all the charities available for whom to raise money.  I dunno
- The Kangaroos (forgive the pun) just leapt out at me, and from that moment I was determined to go
for it.

I used to live in Brighton for 20-odd years, so it was doubly special to run all those streets I
knew so well and help a local charity. I visited Mike, Mandy and Jenni in Haywards Heath a couple of
days before the race to say hello and look through the brilliant photo albums. It made me realise
what an amazing bunch of people work for Kangaroos and what great days out the kids have!

The race itself was wonderfully supported and brilliantly organised, with regular water stops and
the public handing out food.  The first half of the race was pretty straightforward and I ran 1hr:35
mins and thought I could break 3:10 hrs. But after about 14 miles I got some bad blisters on my feet
and every step seemed to get a bit more painful. Still, I love running in the heat and you just
can't complain when people have taken the time to cheer you on and you have the beautiful views from
the seafront! It was like New York ... without the attitude!

I finished in 3hrs 27 mins and hobbled to the wonderful folk at St.Johns who had the unenviable task
popping and dressing my blisters! YUK! I reckon they deserve a medal just for that alone - I really
do have the worst feet in the world.

I'm very lucky that I live in the Lake District and have some big mountains on which to train. I
have a great pace-maker: my whippet puppy Billy, who I think is the greatest little fellow you could
have. I hope to bring him down to the Kangaroos Office soon – he'd love to meet all the great kids
there. Oh, and my wife's pretty wonderful too!

I intend to do much more for Kangaroos and look forward to my next visit.

Making contact with the charity has made my life much richer for the experience, so thank YOU!

Lots of love


2nd Dec 2010: A Volunteer's Tale

By Sally Holmwood.

Once upon a time, a teenager sat leafing through the local newspaper, half-watching a mind-numbingly
boring evening of television and trying to find new and inventive ways to put off another fun-filled
evening of homework.  But as usual, the jobs on offer in the newspaper seemed to be about as
interesting as the evening's television viewing! Until, that is, a small square caught her eye...

The day that same teenager first walked through the doors of Holy Trinity School in Cuckfield, all
the way back in January 1994, as one of Kangaroos' first volunteers, I don't think she ever
suspected she would still be involved a whole 17 years later. Before Kangaroos, everything had
seemed so cut and dried – finish A Levels, study German at University and take the next plane out,
possibly never to be seen again.

And yet, 17 years on, here I still am. I did take that languages degree and I do escape to Germany
every so often – but these days I tend to come back again.  Thanks to the fun I have had at
Kangaroos and the experience I have gained here, I have worked in special schools, clubs and
residential settings and as a short-term foster-carer.  None of these might ever have crossed my
mind, had I not become involved in Kangaroos.  I've watched all of the children and young people at
Kangaroos grow up and seen Kangaroos itself grow from its humble but brilliant beginnings as a
Saturday club and holiday play scheme, to the huge and hugely varied venture that it is today.

It's wonderful to see just how much the young people – and their families - get from each aspect of
Kangaroos and, as a staff member, I feel proud to know that the experiences we give them here have
helped create the brilliant people they have become. As staff, we are often lucky enough to hear
compliments about all that the children, their parents, carers and siblings get out of Kangaroos. 
What they may not realise is just how much we, as staff, get out of it too.

Not that long ago I was greeted with a big bear hug by Eddie and it brought a little tear to my eye
– somehow unable to recall a particular session where I may have worked specifically with him, his
gesture seemed all the more special.  And at the Orchard House barbecue where, together with
colleagues from High Trees, I'd taken some young people, my colleagues remarked how many children
came to talk to me.  For everything we give the children at Kangaroos, they give us back so much
more.  They make us smile: seeing their enthusiasm for play, whether as magicians making money and
rabbits appear out of hats, or surgeons performing terribly complex operations on unsuspecting
volunteers.  They make us laugh – a lot: sat on a mat at Holy Trinity with Rachel B years ago, we
were both giggling so much that the then Play Leader, Val, came over to ask us what was so funny. 
Actually, by then I'm not sure either of us knew…!!! They make us so proud: at a recent session,
staff were near to tears when Sophie walked unaided around the Ashenground hall for the first time
that we had seen!!  And it's just wonderful how they seem instinctively to know just how to make us
feel good - "My socks have got spots on – like your face!"

One thing I have come to realise by not being able to come as often as I would like, is how friendly
everyone is on my return – I can come back after weeks of not being able to come in because of other
commitments, and know that staff are always so welcoming that it will instantly feel as though I
have never been away.

23rd Nov 2010: Dig-In and Affinity Sutton

By Mandy May.

We made our last trip of the year to our DIG-In site on Saturday with our PALS children to plant
some bulbs and enjoy a visit from Steve and friends!! at An-Amazing!
Bill; Alana; Thomas; Leo & Nicole joined Amy, Liz  and our volunteers on site to put in some spring
bulbs into the PALS Garden area. kindly donated by Nicky Dodds and her team from Affinity Sutton. 
Considering it was November the weather was kind to us and the children seemed particularly keen to
get stuck in with the bulb planting! perhaps it was the mud element that was so attractive! Bill was
a particular enthusiatic participator and Leo, who wore a great red all-in-one suit, that many of us
wished we had for the afternoon! seemed to enjoy himself, but he was quick to employ division of
labour skills, getting the staff and volunteers to dig while he planted like his style! Alana and
Thomas keenly planted some bulbs in pots so everyone had a reminder of the day to take home, and
Nicole did some planting in both the plot and into pots.
When we had completed planting the bulbs we went and enjoyed some drinks and snacks, again courtesy
of Affinty Sutton, who were thoughtful enough to include non-alcoholic mulled wine in the hamper! A
very welcome addition for some of us!
The afternoon was rounded off by a visit from Steve at An-Amazing! He takes exotic animals into
schools and other places and is very knowledgeable. Although it was a bit on the cold side for many
of his pets, he gave us a very interesting talk and showed us a cock roach!!; a spider; a couple of
snakes, and a millipead. While some of us were a bit weary at first Steves instruction certainly
helped break down barriers and most of us were brave!! enough to touch them. However, we were all a
lot more interested in touching CADBURY a brown and white skunk who was lovely, and with Steve
interesting talk a lot of our preconceived images were put into context. The real stars of the show
were saved til last when he showed us his Africian pygmy hedgehogs, which I confess, I had not even
heard off until then! Mum Hettie had two adorable babies, and we all got to handle them. In fact
they are very popular these days as pets! They really were lovely and we send a big thank you to him
and to Affinity Sutton for putting this on for us.
Affinity Sutton also provided some freebies for all the kids, including the PALS members back at
base so a huge thanks from us for making it a great afternoon. We would also, like to thank Andy for
all his hard work and efforts on the day and I am sure PALS will be up to see how their bulbs have
done in the spring and to launch the Great Sunflower Contest for 2011!


13th Apr 2010: Our First Blog!

By Mandy May.

Welcome to the first Kangaroos blog!! The purpose of the blog will be to keep you informed of all
the up-to-date exciting things that are happening, and if any staff member, volunteer or member
would like to write a blog feel free, just get in touch with me by email at
and we can sort that out. It would be great to get a staff member or volunteer to give us an insight
into their experience with Kangaroos and what difference it has made to them.

As you will see we have greatly expanded our service over the last few months, with the introduction
of No Limits, AllSports, Days Out and Teen Scene, and we hope you are enjoying these new activities.
It is vital to get your feedback on all our activities, so whether you are a PALS, BreakAway,
AllSports, No Limits or Teen Scene member please take some time out to let us know what we are doing
well, or not so well, and anything you would like to see in our programme in the future. We are here
to meet your young person’s needs so the more you feed in the better we are.

Every year we have to raise around £150,000 and that takes a mammoth effort for Jenni and the team.
If you are a UK taxpayer you can help us by ensuring you sign a Gift Aid declaration.
The Gift Aid scheme will cost you nothing but makes a big difference to us. Basic rate tax is 20
percent, therefore, if you give £10 using gift aid, its worth £12.50 to Kangaroos. For
donations up to 5th April 2011 we will, also, benefit from a separate government supplement of three
pence on every pound you give, so please complete a form, and help us to continue our work.

We are, also, offering the opportunity for a graduate internship to a recent graduate to take on the
position of Events Coordinator to help with the creative input into fundraising and help
develop additional revenue streams for the organisation. The details can be found on the Opportunites page.

I hope you are enjoying our new website, with all its new features and I want to personally thank
Mike Turpin, who originally came to us with support from Vodaphone World of Difference, but who
can’t get away from us now, however hard he tries! But I am sure you will agree with me he has done
a stunning job for us!