Our Funding Fact not Fiction

Kangaroos is an independent children's and young person's charity, that has been offering Saturday and Holiday places to youngsters with learning difficulties since January 1994. Today, one look at our website will indicate that we are now offering so much more to our young people and their families than ever before. However, many of our projects have NO local authority funding and rely exclusively on the applications we make to trusts and foundations. As the cutbacks in local authority funding finally start to affect organisations there is an undoubted additional strain being put on the trusts and foundations that make up the bulk of the funding we need every year to ensure disabled children and young people can come and enjoy all the activities we make available at Kangaroos. Increasingly, to enable these activities to continue, the generosity of individuals donating their own money or taking on some mad feat and getting sponsored will take on a greater significance.


We never go into a new financial year, which begins in April, in a position of having funds and wondering how best to spend them. We start in the September to formulate our budgets and ideas for the next year, and then start to look for ways to fund the activities that so many of our children and young people enjoy, and then Jenni, our sole fund raiser needs to ensure an income of around £300,000 each year to fund the current programme.

Many of the parents who come to us do not realise that their spaces are subsidised by voluntary donations. While on the face of it what we provide is straightforward, the behind the scenes work of recruiting, training, leading, supervising, planning and developing to ensure we can deliver all our projects is far more complex.

The £10 or £15 per session parental fee is a contribution towards the £77 it costs us to have a child/ young person have a place on an activity. Statutory funding and our own efforts then kick in to make up the shortfall. Without fundraising we would lose sessions and the ability to grow and meet the changing needs of our clients, we would also need to charge around £45-£50 per session per place.

We currently offer on average over 20 hours per week of places to children and young people with learning difficulties in Mid-Sussex, which amounts to nearly 4,000 places per year across all our activities.

Even if statutory funding continues, and we will have to fight for that in future years to an increased level, we will still need to raise more in donations this year with increased inflation, national insurance and decreasing Gift Aid.

The only way to be able to continue to respond to what families and young people want is to stay independent through voluntary donations so if you can help, through your company, yourself, friends, family or in any way that you can then please do.

Donate online, contact Jenni on 01444 255120, or email fundraising@kangaroos.org.uk.

Thank you