Many people and organisations have raised funds for Kangaroos. We'd like to thank all of them for their tremendous efforts to raise money that will greatly support the work we do and make a real difference to our young people.

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Below we have listed a selection of our recent fundraisers, including Izzy, Oliver, Rin and Simon who were our Team Skippy in the Brighton Marathon 2011 and Alex who rode his bike from Lands End to John O'Groats in 2010. If you feel that you, or your organisation, should also be listed then please let us know (we only added this page in 2011).

Eva (9), Maggie (6) and Jenna (10): £7.04 raised in September 2011

Doh Nutters

Three little girls: Eva (9), Maggie (6) and Jenna (10) held a tabletop sale outside their front door over the summer holidays. They sold things to the neighbours that they'd made - painted stones, grass sculptures. Really imaginative things. They raised a total of £7.04 for Children in Need. A Kangaroos parent, Helen, happened to meet Eva and Maggie and their mum, Alice, shortly after the sale. Eva talked about Helen's son: "George is a Child in Need, isn't he?". On hearing that George was at his special club, Kangaroos, Eva immediately volunteered the entire takings of their sale to Kangaroos and they brought it over for George to deliver.

We've decided to use the money to buy the Doh Nutters game for George to play with, along with the other Kangaroos children.

Haywards Heath Bike Ride: £100 raised in April 2011

Bike Ride

On 17th April 2011, Lauren and Daniel Mays (who are volunteers at Kangaroos) took on the challenge of the 20 mile cycle ride with their friend Harrison Scott-Wildman. They covered the distance in just over 2 and half hours.

They tackled many steep hills and windy roads but kept fighting on and finally all finished in one piece. Quite an achievement and everyone at Kangaroos feels very proud of them.

They have raised their target of £100, along with another £21 in gift aid. Click on their photo to go to their JustGiving page.

Alex Mackay's Bike Ride: £2,911 raised in September 2010

Alex Mackay

Alex Mackay raised a staggering £2,911 for Kangaroos, plus £691 in gift aid, in his 15 day cycle ride from Land's End to John O'Groats. Everyone at Kangaroos is in awe of Alex's efforts and achievement on our behalf and so grateful for the huge amount of donations raised.

Alex's fundraising has now been featured in The Latest magazine, along with another fundraiser by Alex and his team. They have just received the charity award for their fundraising efforts at the recent Mayfair Office Annual Conference and Dinner.

Click on Alex's photo to go to Alex's JustGiving page.

Izzy Harris' Brighton Marathon: £1,002 raised in April 2011

Izzy Harris

"I'm Izzy and I'm currently on a gap year before going to University; I am working at Court Meadow School as a supply SSA this year. I have chosen to run the marathon for Kangaroos in April as my sister, Maddie, has attended the group for a number of years and has thoroughly enjoyed her time there!"

Izzy finished in 5:59 and has so far raised £1,002 for us, plus £122 gift-aid.

Click on Izzy's photo to go to Izzy's JustGiving page.

Oliver Day's Brighton Marathon: £944 raised in April 2011

Oliver Day

"I am married, have 3 children and live in Burgess Hill. I work for UK Power Networks and in my spare time I enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities like visiting National Trust properties and of course running. I also like to tackle various types of DIY as a hobby. One of my children, Nathan, volunteers at Kangaroos on most Saturdays."

Oliver finished in 3:36:33 and has so far raised £944 for us, plus £209 gift-aid.

Click on Oliver's photo to go to Oliver's JustGiving page.

Rin Colombi's Brighton Marathon: £905 raised in April 2011

Rin Colombi

"Thanks to everyone for donating - the race was amazing well organised and supported by thousands of people lining the streets of Brighton. I managed to place 400th and have the blisters to prove it! It was great to meet those concerned at Kangaroos before the race - what an amazing charity! The work you do is fantastic! Congratulations to Simon, Olly and Izzy, all running for Kanagaroos, as well for their fantastic effort on the day. MOST IMPORTANTLY - it's not too late to donate and I'm close to my 1,000 target so please dig deep and help Kangaroos and the work they do for disabled youngsters."

Rin finished in 3:27:11 and has so far raised £905 for us, plus £125 gift-aid.

Click on Rin's photo to go to Rin's JustGiving page.

Rin has also written a blog for us.

Simon King's Brighton Marathon: £268 raised in April 2011

Simon King

"After months of marathon preparation I've come down with a viral infection in the final days before this Sunday's Brighton Marathon. With just two days to go I've decided I will run and finger crossed I'll finish! I simply can't let months of rigorous exercise, weekends effectively devoted to running and a diet void of spicy food be for nothing. Help me raise for a very worthy children's charity supporting children with varying degrees of disability. Please, please, please make a small contribution on my donation page."

Simon finished in 4:25:38 and has so far raised £268 for us, plus £38 gift-aid.

Click on Simon's photo to go to Simon's JustGiving page or go to his company's Woodhouse Communications JustGiving page - who are also raising funds for Kangaroos.

Co-Op's Community Support Card: £4,100 raised so far

Kangaroos is proud to have been chosen by Haywards Heath Southern Cooperative as part of their Community Support Card scheme.

Sainsburys Amount

£4,100 raised so far (target: £7,500)