Haywards Heath Bike Ride 2011

HH Bike Ride

The inaugural Haywards Heath Bike Ride took place on Sunday 17th April, 2011.

Lauren, Harrison and Daniel

Lauren, Harrison and Daniel

Kangaroos are so proud to have 3 cyclists raising funds for Kangaroos. They are Daniel Mays, his sister Lauren Mays, and Harrison Scott-Wildman.

To donate, please go to Daniel's JustGiving page which says:

  "We have completed the Haywards Heath Bike Ride. We covered 20 miles in just over 2 and a half hours. We faced many steep hills and windy roads but we kept fighting and finally we all finished in one piece. Thank You for all your donations but it's still not too late to donate/sponsor, it would be great if we could reach our target of 100 or more."