Local Offer

  1. What does Kangaroos do?

    Kangaroos provide opportunities for children and young people with learning disabilities to have fun, interact with their peers, learn new skills and enjoy new experiences independently of their families. Many of the members have additional behavioural, physical or sensory difficulties as well as an increasing number with severe Autism, Epilepsy, mobility issues and complex needs and are supported in all activities by experienced, trained staff and volunteers.

    The Charity runs the following recreational and leisure activities for children and young people with learning disabilities:

    • Ages 6-12: Weekly Saturday Clubs and Holiday Playschemes
    • Ages 13-19:Weekly Saturday Clubs, Holiday Club, Youth Club & Challenging Experiences
    • Ages 8-17: After school Sports Clubs – Mondays and Wednesdays
    • Ages 18+ Youth Club, Social Club, Social, recreational support programmes

    Activities are extremely varied and are offered at all our bases such as cooking, music, crafts etc. as well as trips out in the local community and further afield.

    There is no limit on the time that we support our members and as we provide services for young adults as well as children, our members can progress through the groups.

  2. Where is Kangaroos located and what areas does it cover?

    We run activities in Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill and the majority of our members reside in the Mid Sussex area.

  3. Who does Kangaroos provide for?

    Our members range in age from 6 to over 30 and all have learning disabilities and related physical, sensory and behavioural difficulties.

  4. How can I start using the service?

    Direct contact – Kangaroos office on 01444 255120
    Annual membership fee of £30 plus sessional fees from £6 to £25 depending on the activity.
    You can use your personal budget
    We have a waiting list for PALS our Saturday Club and Holiday Playscheme for our younger children from 6 to 12. The waiting list averages 12 names.

  5. How are decisions made about who can use your service?

    The decision to access our services is made by the child or young person and their family as to whether they believe the service is appropriate to their needs. Every attempt will be made, but we reserve the right to refuse a place if we feel that we cannot safely meet their needs.

  6. How do you communicate with service users and how are they involved in decision making/planning?

    • To communicate we use Makaton signing, PECS symbols, communication books, communication passports, touch cues, social stories, visual timetables, switches, smiley faces and photos.
    • We have leaflets, newsletters, facebook and our website – www.kangaroos.org.uk
    • You will know how your child is doing by talking to staff and using communication books for pre verbal children.
    • We offer family days to theatres etc and coach trips and an annual party for all the family.
    • We collect regular evidence from our children, their families and our staff about every aspect of our services and the enjoyment of the children is of course, of prime importance in this.
    • We collect evidence in the form of feedback forms, story books, drawings, photographs and questionnaires from the children and their families.
    • We also have suggestion boxes at all our projects.
  7. Is your service fully accessible?

    • The buildings we use are fully wheelchair accessible.
    • Some venues have improvements in the auditory and visual environment.
    • There are disabled changing and toilet facilities.
    • We have a wide range of equipment including a hoist, specialist seating and buggies and sensory equipment and toys.
    • We will provide support required to meet the needs of the children and young people so that they can access our services.
  8. What training are the staff supporting children and young people with SEND had or are having?

    • We offer Induction training including disability awareness, Safeguarding, manual handling, first aid, epilepsy including administration of midazalom, use of oxygen, diabetes and Team Teach.
    • Services who we work closely with are Woodlands Meed School, West Sussex Parents Forum and Enable Me.
  9. Who can I contact for further information?

    • Kangaroos Office – 01444 255120
    • Children’s services - Lorna Herrett
      Activities Officer – 07872 469115
    • Adults’ services – Becki Tucknott
      Youth Development Officer – 07872 469118
    • We provide contact numbers relevant to each session and club elsewhere on the website.