Your Photos and More ...

We are starting to build up a great collection of photo galleries showing the young people having great fun at our activities. We have had some requests to buy these photos, so we'd like to give everyone an opportunity to buy high quality photos from Kangaroos.

We are using for photos and personalised merchandise, and will get them to post direct to you. We have to make a small charge to cover our costs, but we think it's great value and should save you precious time and effort.

To order your photos or other items, send us an email at Kangaroos Photos <>. Check out our photo galleries and tell us which photos you want and how many of each. Alternatively, you can email us your own photos.

Photo Prints

PALS No Limits

We make a charge of 15p per photo for our service, so each standard size (6"x4") photo will cost 25p (plus P&P). If you want a different size, check out Enlargement Prints to choose a size. If you want multiple copies of the same photo (at the same size), we only charge our 15p for the first one.

Calendars, Mugs, Etc

For any other product on Photobox we will make a charge of 20% of the item. If you order two or more of the same item, we will only charge our 20% for the first item. In addition, you will be charged for P&P at the Photobox rate.

To order, chose a product from Photobox and the required number of photos from Kangaroos' photo galleries. Email your order to Kangaroos Photos <>

Below are some of the more popular products. Click on a photo to jump to the relevant part of Photobox. Prices below are the Photobox price (without our costs and excluding P&P). This is just a selection, you can ask us for any item you want from Photobox.

Calendars & Diaries


You can chose A4 or A3 Calendars, Desk Calendars, Family Calendars and Diaries. From £8.59

Tip: Email us your family birthdays and other important dates, and we'll include those on the calendar.

Photo Mugs


A great gift for family members. You can add a caption or choose a theme. £8.49

Fridge Magnets


Either a 6"x4" or two 3"x2" photos. £4.10.

Framed Prints


Classic elegance. Two sizes and two colours (black or natural). From £9.79.

Wallet Cards


Two durable credit card sized photos, ideal for your wallet. Same photo on each side. £4.10.

Photo Keyrings


Another way of always keeping a treasured photo on you. £5.15 for a pack of 3 keyrings.

Photo Cards


Ideal for Christmas, Birthdays or Party Invites. £1.50 each or ten for £9.99



More expensive, but they look great on a living room wall. From £22.99