Mission Statement

To enrich the lives of disabled young people, and support their families by providing appropriate services with the aid of trained staff and volunteers to increase their independence, self-confidence, social competence and inclusion within the community.

What We Do

Kangaroos run a range of recreational and leisure activities in Mid Sussex for children and young people from 6 to 30. All our members have learning disabilities and many have additional behavioural, physical or sensory problems, as well as a number with Autism and ADHD.

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Our children and young people are all extremely limited in the activities that they can access due to their disabilities and are able to benefit from our activities due to the experienced, trained support and care provided.

We organise the following recreational activities:

  • AllSports: After School Sports Sessions. From ages 6 to 19
  • ASP: Adult Support Programme, training and practical experience
  • BreakAway: Weekly Saturday Clubs and Playschemes for ages 13 to 19
  • Challenges: Stimulating experiences for ages 13+
  • Dig In: Horticultural project to grow plants and vegetables
  • Family Days: Trips out during half terms and holidays
  • No Limits project providing support to enable young adults 16-30 to have a varied and fulfilling social life
  • PALS: Weekly Saturday Clubs and Playschemes for ages 6 to 19
  • Social Club 25+, run twice monthly
  • TeenScene after School Youth Club. From ages 13 to 19
  • Youth Club 18+, run twice monthly

We are a registered Charity, a safer recruitment organisation and are Ofsted compliant.

Contact Us

Phone: 01444 459108
Email: Kangaroos Info <info@kangaroos.org.uk>

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